Who we are

Mushahid (مُشاهد ) is an independent online resource dedicated to providing information and support for those interested in the advancement of media ethics in Libya. Through submission forms and online discussions we hope to gather opinions to inform the ongoing media development in Libya. Mushahid was created by Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL).

When we asked Libyan media practitioners, activists, lawyers and the Libyan public “What are the key challenges to freedom of expression in Libya?” the majority responded:

  • The political polarisation of news reporting;
  • Threats against individuals for expressing their opinions; and
  • The prevalence of hate speech in the media

Mission Statement

Mushahid's activities are therefore based on the understanding of the following facts:

  • The existence of freedom of expression in Libya is currently at risk, in part as a result of lacking media professionalism and its perceived role in inciting violence and prejudicial actions on political grounds.

  • Free expression should only ever be restricted by the state under extremely limited circumstances. Restrictions must be provided by law, be in pursuit of a legitimate aim, and only adopted when it is necessary to do so.

  • The development of self-regulatory mechanisms offers an opportunity to the Libyan media to improve its conduct and professionalise, without risking arbitrary state restrictions to expression or breaching Libya’s constitutional or international human rights obligations.

  • The Libyan public and media-stakeholders are in the best position to determine what ethical principles need to be adopted to improve the standard of media and reporting available in Libya. International experiences and human rights best practices are helpful resources to reference.

  • The Libyan public are able to play a role in monitoring the media they consume and therefore should be provided with the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the conduct of media practitioners.